One man’s pain is another man’s gain and though you won’t find Tomasz Rzasa feasting on schadefreude, the Polish international will be happy to take over the defensive duties of Ramon van Haaren as long as his teammate is ruled out by injury. And he’s used to it after all, for after 27 starts out of 38 league games last season, Tomasz has started five Eredivisie games already this campaign despite hot competition.

‘With Ramon van Haaren’s latest injury it looks like I’ll be Feyenoord’s leftback for the time being. It’s not exactly the first time I’ve been in this situation. I’ve actually only missed one Champions League game this season and I’ve played in five of the nine league games too. I’m reasonably pleased how the latest games have gone. You notice that you start playing better when you are a more regular starter. That’s logical and it’s also true of me. ‘I would like to put more football into my game. But my task is to restrict my input to defensive duties as much as possible. The coach always wants to see enough men behind the ball. I’m really only allowed to go up when there’s a lot of space, otherwise I have to concentrate on my role as a defender. That can be difficult, because it’s still natural for me to go forward. The temptation is especially great in games where you don’t have a direct opponent up against you. It’s about staying patient, staying sharp and being aware of your position. And your task is most important of course. ’Sunday we meet Zwolle and that’ll be an opponent who mainly goes deep and plays on the counter. They usually play without a rightwinger, so we’ll have to be patient again. It’s important that the front players remain mobile, so that we can switch the ball around fast as we look for an opening. ’I do think that we’ll be fresh on Sunday after a fairly peaceful week. So we’ll be able to step up the pace as we’ve shown we can. That doesn’t mean that things will be really easy against Zwolle, because they aren’t coming to Rotterdam to surrender the points without a fight. It’s not just a case of turning up. The question is whether they are up for a game of football. Willem II were and we were able to profit from that. We’ll see whether the same applies on Sunday.’
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