The second half at Delle Alpi was halfway gone by the time Patrick Paauwe exchanged a couple of words with defensive partner Kees van Wonderen. ‘I said the ball wasn’t going to go in. One way or another you could sense that it wasn’t to be our night. We dominated for long periods of the game, but we had too little luck upfront to get anything back. That ball just wasn’t going in.’

‘Our failure to score is really the only thing you could pin on us tonight,’ the Dutch international continued. ‘I don’t think we played such a bad game of football. Actually, I think Juventus have had much more of an easier time of it at Delle Alpi against the other opponents. That is a compliment for our trainers, who used tactics that gave Juve a lot of problems. By giving Buffel and Emerton a bit of a different role, it knocked the Italians out of their stride. Juventus didn’t really know how to handle our formation.’ Paauwe left Delle Alpi with a curious feeling. ‘I really feel fantastic, because we actually played the best football. But the result obviously puts a big downer on things.’ Kees van Wonderen agreed with the Feyenoord number 5. ‘We gave a good account,’ the veteran defender said. ‘We created more chances at this level than usual. It’s a pity that the ball didn’t want to go in tonight, because we really deserved something better than a two-nil defeat.’ Van Wonderen was unwilling to point a finger at the referee, who came under fire from other Feyenoorders. ‘I never say anything about referees after games and I don’t really want to do that tonight either, but clearly he had an uncomfortable game.’ Anthony Lurling continued in the same fashion as Saturday and crafted Feyenoord’s finest opportunity, when Bombarda was very unlucky not to connect to smash in an equaliser from close range. ‘The ball maybe just rolled behind him, but even so Mariano should have scored. At this level those balls have to go in. We had five or six good chances and didn’t score. Di Vaio had two chances and claimed the game with two goals. That was the difference tonight.’
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