Bert van Marwijk was as tight-lipped as ever about his line-up the day before the big game in Turin, but connoisseurs follow his football dialect well enough to know that old head Mariano Bombarda is set to replace suspended Bonaventure Kalou Tuesday rather than young Van Persie. ‘Bombarda is mentally and physically fit enough to start the game,’ Van Marwijk began, before adding for anyone who hadn’t quite got his drift, ‘Bomba is a winner.’

The coach who outwitted so many top coaches last campaign to lift the UEFA Cup is clever enough to realise that you can’t win football games without attitude. And a win is just what Van Marwijk is aiming at. ‘Some might find it naïve, but we are here to win. That means we’ll have to battle from the very beginning, because that’s the foundation. You can get your tactics spot on, but the basis is rolling up your sleeves.’ The inclusion of Bombarda is evidence that the coach does not wish to see a repeat of last week’s no-show in Kiev. ‘Against Kiev we tried speed and movement, but we didn’t create one chance.’ Bombarda’s qualities as a targetman who can hold onto the ball so that his teammates can get forward in support give Van Marwijk another option that he’s hoping will keep Feyenoord in the Champions League. Van Marwijk is in any event cognisant of the task. ‘We are going for the win, like we always do. We have to, because though a loss means we can reach the second round mathematically, in reality I don’t see Juventus going to Kiev with their strongest squad if they’ve already qualified.’ While defeat means death for the Rotterdammers, a draw, says Van Marwijk, will keep the door ajar. But even a draw will be a tough assignment for a Feyenoord side that has spluttered along in recent weeks. ‘Last Saturday’s performance against Willem II obviously buoyed us, but this is another level. We’ll have to ensure that we play a perfect game at the back. That’s why I don’t mind saying that the Van Wonderen/Paauwe partnership will definitely continue. They were exceptional in the home game.’ JUVENTUS-FEYENOORD Venue: Delle Alpi Stadium, Turin Kickoff: 8.45 PM Probable team: Zoetebier; Song, Van Wonderen, Paauwe, Rzasa; Emerton, Bosvelt, Ono, Lurling; Buffel, Bombarda.
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