The important news coming out of Kiev’s Olympic stadium Tuesday is that captain Paul Bosvelt’s injury is clearing up on schedule. Bosvelt was unwilling to make any predictions about whether he would be playing Wednesday, but the Oranje international did admit that he had a seventy-five percent chance of starting a game that will go a long way to determining whether Feyenoord reach the second round of the Champions League.

Teammate Patrick Paauwe is in an even better position and the central defender looks set to play from the start, although no decision will be made until a couple of hours before kickoff. ‘Things are going better than yesterday, so I’m hopeful,’ said Bosvelt. ‘Whether I’m ready to take a risk to play is difficult to say. It’s a decision you make on the day of the game. Obviously I don’t want to do any more damage than really necessary, even though this is a very important game for us.’ The pitch looked good but played less well. ‘It’s as though its been ploughed in some places,’ said Ramon van Haaren, who sees good prospects for Feyenoord. ‘Dynamo plays counter-attacking football at home too. I think that suits us. As long as we don’t give the ball away too often, we should be able to cope.’ Van Haaren’s confidence was perceptible and will be welcome after recent performances, which have left Feyenoord trailing in the Eredivisie and unable to capitalise on a fine start to the CL. His colleagues seem to share Van Haaren’s optimism too. ‘Maybe it has something to do with our record,’ mused Kees van Wonderen. 'We‘ve obviously shown that we can play well in European games. They have their own atmosphere and that often allows us to bring something extra.’

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