The Gelredome remains a problem zone for Feyenoord. The Rotterdammers have never to date beaten Vitesse there, and this evening was no exception. The score got no further than 1-1 in Arnhem. Thomas Buffel scored for Feyenoord. The quick Belgian could have sealed the Vitesse’s fate in the final stages of the match, but was unable to control the shot and put the ball over the bar.

Throughout the first half, Van Persie alongside recent returns Kalou and Buffel were the most dangerous players on the Feyenoord side, but to be truthful, that wasn’t all that hard. It wasn’t roses and moonlight for the team from Rotterdam this evening. They gave away the ball too often, were careless in places and a lack-lustre performance in front of goal meant they never showed their true potential. Nevertheless, there were chances, with the first of the match falling to Kalou. Sent on his way by a pass from Emerton, he faked keeper Jevric, and instead of choosing to pass to the free- standing Buffel , had a go at goal. Without the hoped-for result. And so, where Feyenoord started to give the game away, best illustrated by errors from Song, Ono en Emerton, Vitesse smelt its chances. After turning away a warning shot by Janssen, Zoetebier was left chanceless by a shot from Claessens who put the Arnhem side ahead: 1-0. Feyenoord was 1-0 down at half time, and the start of the second gave little inspiration. Until Vitesse brought on the sub. Feyenoord was quick to capitalise from the lack of concentration, with Kalou heading the ball in the path of Buffel, who ended a long run at keeper Jevric with the equaliser: 1-1. Although Buffe’s goal raised the spirits on the side of Feyenoord, it was clear that Van Marwijk was going to have to intervene if the side was really going to have a chance. And so, fifteen minutes before the end, Emerton left the field to be replaced by Lurling. Later Pardo came on for Van Persie. The Chilean showed his worth by freeing up Buffel in front of the keeper in injury time but the Belgian seemed to lose his nerve and put the bal over the net. . And so the score remained 1-1 and Feyenoord lost a few more of those precious points. Vitesse-Feyenoord 1-1 (1-0) Referee: R. Bossen Scoring: 31’ 1-0 Amoah 56’ 1-1 Buffel Teams Vitesse: Jevric; Rankovic, Cornelisse, Stefanovic, Fränkel; Mustapha, Levchenko, Janssen, Claessens (55’ Hofs); Amoah, Peeters (77’Martel). Feyenoord: Zoetebier; Song, Van Wonderen, Loovens, Van Haaren; Emerton (75’ Lurling), Bosvelt, Ono, Van Persie (84’ Pardo); Kalou, Buffel.
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