An echo on Monday has shown that Kees van Wonderen suffered a small hamstring tear to his left leg last Saturday. “It’s what we were afraid of,” said club doctor Robbart van Linschoten. “You should count on just under two weeks for this type of injury, although we will all try and get him playing in the match against Ajax on Sunday. Chances are not great at the moment though.”

YOU CAN’T LOSE TO RBC We started the year by knocking out Fenerbahçe in the preliminaries to the Champions League. In the competition we kicked off with four wins and a draw against Roda JC, which considering the run of play should have been a win. In between we take on Juventus in the Champions league and draw 1-1, and win away against Newcastle. Our game was better than it has been for some years, and everyone, including the players, was enthusiastic and motivated. Basically, we had completed a tough program, but we had got though it well. All the more irritating therefore to drop three expensive points against recently promoted RBC. And it’s a shame, as it takes away some of the shine of what we were doing. Quite simply – this cannot happen against such a team. The many games already seem to be starting to take their toll – players look more tired and injuries are rearing their heads again. With Song, Van Haaren and myself, that makes three with a hamstring injury I also noticed players in the other matches this weekend head for the showers with hamstring problems and it is often this type of injury that is a sign of tiredness and overwork. Players suddenly reach for their thigh, as if an acute pain is shooting up the leg. In my case, it wasn’t an acute pain, but one that slowly developed in the final stages against RBC. There are different degrees of injuries, and I don’t think it will take too long in my case and I’ll be fit again. It doesn’t look too serious. Hamstrings can take you out for weeks, but I don’t think that’ll be the case for me – I’ve felt good over the recent weeks, so it’s just particularly irritating.
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