A bad dress rehearsal often means a good performance on the day – an old adage that will hopefully prove true for Feyenoord on Tuesday. Because if Feyenoord play against Kiev on Tuesday like they did against RBC on Saturday, there is not likely to be a great deal of happiness at the club on Wednesday. Pushing Saturday’s disgrace aside, Bert van Marwijk: “We’ve left it behind us and are fully focused on Kiev.”

Van Marwijk: “Dynamo is going to be tough enough as it is. They’re a good opponent. The image we’ve got of them is somewhat coloured by the final score line of the 5-0 defeat at Juventus - they had a number of good chances early on in the game. And if Dynamo get ahead, you’ve always got to count on a tough evening. They’re highly focused on countering and operate a somewhat German 5-3-2 system – speed down the side and a crowd in the middle. They’re tougher to crack than you might think.” UNPLEASANT The run-up to the Champions League game has been less than ideal for Van Marwijk. His dropping three points in Roosendaal was bad enough, but the fact that Kees van Wonderen left the scene for an unknown period of time in Roosendaal has made things worse. Especially since Ramon van Haaren isn’t available. “It’s certainly irritating, but there’s no point in getting upset about it, said Van Marwijk” SOLUTION As usual, Tomasz Rzasa will replace Ramon van Haaren, but the solution for Van Wonderen is less clear-cut. Van Marwijk: 'There are two options: Ferry de Haan and Chris Gyan. I’ve made my mind up, but you’ll have to find out on the night. What’s the decision based on? Dynamo is a physical side and tall. Make your own mind up I’d say...” On the basis of Van Marwijk’s words Ferry de Haan seems most likely. But there again, the Feyenoord technical staff is well acquainted with Dynamo striker Maksim Shatskikh, whose speed might justify the reappearance of Chris Gyan. The squad Van Marwijk is taking to Kijkduin also includes two (central) defenders who could do the job: Glenn Loovens and Pieter Collen. But alongside Leonardo de Santos they’ll be featuring on Monday night in the game between Young Feyenoord and Young Heerenveen. Van Marwijk will probably head out with the team he had been so successful with until last Saturday, but minus Kees van Wonderen. LIKELY FEYENOORD TEAM Zoetebier; Emerton, De Haan (Gyan), Paauwe, Rzasa; Song, Bosvelt, Ono, Pardo; Buffel and Van Hooijdonk Referee Tom Henning Øvrebo will be in charge of the Feyenoord-Dynamo Kiev match on Tuesday night.
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