RBC-FEYENOORD: Feet on the ground

The last few weeks have been a little strange at Feyenoord. Now, after the scorcher against Newcastle, Feyenoord are back to normal and face RBC this Saturday. Not surprising that Bert van Marwijk drew the attention to the job to be done in Roosendaal back in the UK. “I told the team not to get to wrapped up in the euphoria that’s developing. You’re only good when you’re successful in a match like RBC on Saturday.”

In the run-up to the RBC game, van Marwijk hasn’t had any new problems to deal with. The only disappointment is that Ramon van Haaren isn’t available yet. “I’d thought for a moment that he’d be back sooner than planned, but it’s not going to happen. In fact, he may not be fit for the match against Dynamo Kiev. He’s not ready yet, but we should know more on Monday.” The number of matches having to be played at the moment meant van Marwijk was quick to draw the attention back to the future. “There was a quick post-match chat on Thursday. The conclusion was that the feeling we started the match was critical. We now know that there are few clubs out there against whom we are by definition chanceless. And that’s what we’ve got to reflect, without getting too arrogant.” Van Marwijk also pointed out the number of missed chances. “Don’t get me wrong – missing chances is part of the game. It’s the way and the moment at which chances are missed that bothers me. Against Newcastle we gave away possession at times when it was completely unnecessary. That gives opponents the feeling that they can get back into the game. We’ve got to lose that quality.” Van Marwijk has also promised the Feyenoord players a couple of extra free days. After the Ajax game I’ll give the boys the best chance to recover. And I’m mainly referring to the mental aspects. They’ll be able to go home as often as possible for a bit of a distraction.” But the coach isn’t interested in complaints about the schedule. “No, and it’s also unnecessary. You’ve got to find a way to play your best at all of the games, both domestic and international. It’s another area you have to develop skills. Teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid have shown that it’s possible. They play across Europe, year after year, from the start to season’s end.” PROBABLE TEAMS RBC ROOSENDAAL Aerts; Keller, Nascimento, Oliseh, Fleur; De Graaf, Heije, Tininho, Wooter; Vos and Den Ouden FEYENOORD Zoetebier; Emerton, Van Wonderen, Paauwe, Rzasa; Song, Bosvelt, Ono, Pardo; Van Hooijdonk and Buffel Referee Dick Jol will be in charge of RBC-Feyenoord on Saturday.
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