Chong-Gug Song is looking forward to making his bow for Feyenoord in the Eredivisie when his new club travels to Enschede to take on FC Twente Saturday. The newest addition to the Rotterdammers’ squad looks likely to start on that occasion, but, without a start for a month, the South Korean is less hopeful about making the starting line-up in Wednesday’s Champions League match with Juventus. That one may come just too soon.

‘I saw Feyenoord play Excelsior from the stands. I was reasonably satisfied with the game: the result was good and the team played well. What struck me most was that the players only thought about the good of the team. No player was out after personal glory. That’s how I’m used to playing in the South Korea national team. I like that attitude. ‘While I was in the stands on Tuesday, it looks like I’ll be in the first team Saturday evening against FC Twente. Earlier than expected. The coach and I have talked about when I might be ready. We came to the conclusion that we didn’t want to rush it. But in training I’ve shown that I’m just about ready. Certainly fitness-wise. I have high expectations on my debut in any event. And I hope to become an effective player for Feyenoord in the future who’s essential to the team. ‘I’ve obviously been thinking about the role I want to play in the team. Against Excelsior I noticed that the midfielders were often stuck out on the flanks. I would like to cover a bigger area, so that we can create more chances from my position. At the moment much of the play comes from players in the middle of the park. I would like to see the wingers getting more involved in the build-up. ‘These are hectic weeks for me. I’m glad to leave South Korea for a while. I hardly had a social life there. Here in Rotterdam things are a little calmer. In Holland I can concentrate on football 100%. And the Champions League is starting this week. I’m really looking forward to it, because I like to play on the big stage. But on the other hand I am a little apprehensive. I haven’t played a game for a month after all, and now I may play against Juventus. The game might come too early. We’ll see. First comes FC Twente.’
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