Bert van Marwijk and his players were in great spirits on the eve of the Super Cup meeting with the reigning Champions of Europe, Real Madrid. The victory in Turkey and the resulting place in this year’s CL tournament clearly took the pressure of the Rotterdammers ahead of the Monaco showpiece. At the prematch presscall at Stade Louis III, Van Marwijk himself admitted to relishing the occasion. 'This is a real pleasure.’

Van Marwijk is under no illusions about the difference in rank between the two sides. 'On the one hand we realise that we are going to play the best team in the world. On the other, we are the UEFA Cup holders and we deserve to take our place in the final.’ 'What remains is the hope that Real takes to the field at full strength And I’m saying that because we need tomorrow’s game to find out where we are in Europe. We don’t need the Super Cup for that. I know all about our international status. We are not the best team, but neither are we the worst. We’re somewhere in the middle. But Feyenoord is a team that has proven that it can upset big teams now and again. We proved that in last season’s UEFA Cup.’ Van Marwijk has already expressed his commitment to bringing the cup back to Rotterdam. The question is whether the coach will be quite so optimistic when the European champions step off their coach at the stadium. 'I haven’t thought about it. But as a rule that won’t make any difference. I’m never so secretive about that kind of thing, because Feyenoord always concentrates on its own strengths. I expect a game between two teams that want to win in their own way. Real Madrid is a fantastic team that keeps the ball moving and always looks to solve things by playing football. We’ll be doing that on Friday too, in our own way.'
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