Feyenoord will lock horns with Fenerbahçe at Sükrü Saraçoglu stadium Tuesday in the Champions League qualifier with a familiar starting eleven. Feyenoord take a one-nil lead to Istanbul. Laid low by a stomach bug, stay-at-home Ramon van Haaren’s place is taken by Tomasz Rzasa, who starts at left back. Further upfield Anthony Lurling gets the nod ahead of Robin van Persie on the left, but will be given pain-numbing injections before the game.

Van Persie attracted the anger of coach Van Marwijk in Kerkrade Saturday after an unnecessary foul conceded a free kick that led to Roda’s late equaliser. The youngster came under fire from teammates and coach alike. 'I think that Robin has now got the message,’ Bert van Marwijk said after Feyenoord’s Istanbul training session. I’ve now spoken to him a couple of times about his behaviour. Immediately after the game, during the next day’s training and then again in the “post-mortem”. I think that’s enough. We’ve wiped the slate clean now. We have to get on.' At the back Tomasz Rzasa is the logical choice now that Ramon Van Haaren is unavailable. 'Hopefully nothing will happen to Tomasz, because if he picked up an injury we would have a lot of problems. Then I’d have to switch the team around and I’d rather not,’ Van Marwijk said. With all that in mind, the eleven men to Face the Turks Tuesday evening are: Zoetebier; Gyan, Van Wonderen, Paauwe, Rzasa; Emerton, Bosvelt, Ono, Lurling; Kalou, Van Hooijdonk.

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