Feyenoord’s Saturday Eredivisie trip to Kerkrade is the first in a string of fixtures that will ask much of the squad so early in the season. Visits to Istanbul and Monaco follow as Feyenoord look for Champions League progression and a first trophy of the campaign in the Super Cup against Real Madrid. Coach Van Marwijk reminded everyone of rule number one at Friday’s press call. The next match is always the most important.'

It’s no surprise Saturday’s 7.30 kickoff at the Parkstad Limburg Stadium is somewhat overshadowed by the European clashes that await Feyenoord in the near future. Indeed coach Van Marwijk would have preferred some breathing room a la Fenerbahçe, who were given the weekend off ahead of the big one Tuesday. 'In other countries and especially in Turkey that appears to be normal. They are happy there when their clubs make the Champions League. Not in Holland, because the other clubs with European Cup games have also not been given any rest. It makes you think. It is in the interests of Dutch football that our clubs perform on the international stage. That interest should always have priority. It’s just not worth asking for respite however, the answer has always been no in the past.' That means Feyenoord face a tough test in Kerkrade instead of an early night at home. 'Roda JC is difficult enough anyway. The side has been given a real boost in attack and will certainly not be looking to defend on their own patch. They have eight good strikers, four of which I expect to see in the starting eleven tomorrow. They have become much more creative and much quicker in attack and the changes they’ve made to the team make them less opportunistic.' Only Smolarek and Loovens (lengthy absences through injury) and Buffel (suspended) are unavailable to Van Marwijk. Anthony Lurling is carrying an ankle knock, however, and may be replaced by Van Persie. Van Marwijk is less worried than the player himself about his chances. ‘I can certainly play if I’m needed,’ said Lurling. PROBABLE TEAM Zoetebier; Gyan, Van Wonderen, Paauwe, Van Haaren; Emerton, Bosvelt, Ono, Lurling (Van Persie); Kalou en Van Hooijdonk LAST TEN MEETINGS Home: 3/2/2002 Feyenoord 5–0 Roda JC 5/11/2000 Feyenoord 4–2 Roda JC 6/2/2000 Feyenoord 2–1 Roda JC 17/10/1998 Feyenoord 0–0 Roda JC 22/4/1998 Feyenoord 1–0 Roda JC Away: 22/8/2001 Roda JC 0–2 Feyenoord 29/4/2001 Roda JC 1–0 Feyenoord 15/10/1999 Roda JC 2–1 Feyenoord 12/5/1999 Roda JC 1–0 Feyenoord 9/3/1998 Roda JC 1–2 Feyenoord
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