Although he has yet to be contacted by the Ghanese FA, Christian Gyan has been informed of his call-up to the country’s national team for the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Uganda. It puts the defender in a bit of a jam now that he seems to have broken through at Feyenoord, starting the first two competitive games of the new campaign. Christian spoke to ‘If it were a friendly I’d definitely not go.’

The call-up is further evidence of the player’s recent progress. ‘I’m happy the league has started again,’ Christian explains. ‘Those games are a lot nicer to play than the preseason games. What’s more, I’ve started in our two official games. I’m bound to say that it is a great feeling to be one of the first eleven players at last. I haven’t held down a place very often, so I’d like to hold on to it. I’ve never complained when I haven’t been picked, although it has sometimes been difficult to be a substitute. But I just knew I’d get my chance. I’m now reaping the rewards of my patience. At last I’m now able to share my years of experience at the club with my teammates. ‘I am not at all interested in moving elsewhere. My wife and I are still very happy in Holland. It might be that I move to another club sometime in the future, but that’s all in God’s hands. If He wants me to stay at Feyenoord, then I will. I do think it’s nice that more and more people know me in Holland and in Europe. Due in part to the UEFA Cup final I’ve become a famous footballer. Not that I’m recognised everywhere. I don’t really need to be a star. I’m naturally quiet and I really don’t need the kind of attention that a Pierre van Hooijdonk gets. ‘And yet my name was a factor in me getting a call-up to play an international for Ghana. Officially I’ve yet to hear anything from the football association by the way. But I already have doubts about accepting. If it were a friendly I’d definitely not go. I’ve got two young children, one of whom is very ill, although there’s some improvement. I’d rather stay with them. Anyway, I’m now in the staring eleven at Feyenoord and I want to stay there. ‘At the moment Feyenoord is much more important than the national side. Although it is my dream to play at the World Cup one day, I first want to win some prizes with Feyenoord. First and foremost, I want to get into the Champions League with this club, and I think we will do that. We won the UEFA Cup last season and now I’d like to win another big prize. You would all like to know what this season will bring, but I cannot tell you. It’s true I did predict we’d win the UEFA Cup last year; I have to wait for inspiration this time round. But I’ll keep you all informed!’
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