Next Tuesday’s Champions League qualifier against Turkish opponents Fenerbahçe will take place under strict security. All visitors will be asked to produce their club or season card along with their match ticket to gain entry to the stadium, while the selling on of tickets is strictly forbidden. The game has been classified as a high-risk fixture, which means that tickets are only available to clubcard-holders (one per clubcard) and are non-transferable.

Fenerbahçe fans will be accommodated in sections E, EE, F and FF. Any Fenerbahçe supporter in possession of a ticket for another part of the ground will be refused entry. They will not be given alternative access to the Fenerbahçe sections and will be ejected from the stadium area. The same goes for any Feyenoord supporter with a ticket for the sections specially reserved for Fenerbahçe fans. They too will be refused entry to any part of the stadium. Feyenoord would advise all ticket-holders that the selling on of tickets to Fenerbahçe supporters (or people of Turkish origin who will be supporting Fenerbahçe rather than Feyenoord) is strictly forbidden. Any instances of this will result in the confiscation of the club or season card used to buy the ticket for the rest of the 2002-3 season and a twelve-month stadium ban.

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