Although Bert van Marwijk is satisfied with the way the preparation has gone, he is still worried about the physical condition of a number of his players. Leonardo’s fitness, for example, is a disappointment and the coach envisions problems in the Champion’s League preliminary matches if Paauwe and Van Hooijdonk cannot take to the field by next week.

These comments were made following the practice match against Spijkenisse (1-7) in which the opening phase bothered him. Feyenoord was only able to get off to a slow start. “The preparation has been intensive, so I can imagine that a number of players are tired. But I demand full concentration and that was lacking this evening,” the coach said, alluding to Gyan’s error which gave the home side their opening goal. Van Marwijk also felt there were too few goals in Spijkenisse. “You can see that a number of the players are reaching their potential, but I’m not particularly satisfied with the number of goals we scored. Take Kalou, for example. He scored a few this evening, but he also missed a lot of chances.” Van Marwijk was less pleased about substitute Leonardo. “I’m disappointed about the physical condition in which Leonardo has returned from Brazil. Considering he played and trained with the national youth team over there, I had expected an almost fit Leo back in Rotterdam. Turns out to be an error of judgement.” The coach is most concerned, however, about the injuries of his old hands Paauwe and Van Hooijdonk. “I really hope they’re both fit next week and that they can join the rest. They’ll have to be, because if they’re not, it’s starting to look as if it will be too short notice to prepare the pair for the preliminaries of the Champion’s League.”
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