Edwin Zoetebier and Leonardo have made their comeback to the Feyenoord first team in a match against Spijkenisse in which Bert van Marwijk’s team won by 1-7. Zoetebier was in goal for the second half, while Leonardo only set foot on the pitch for the last 15 minutes.

Feyenoord got off to a slow start against the amateurs from Spijkenisse. The pros even found themselves one down after a good twenty minutes following a mistake by right back Gyan. It needed a free kick by Bosvelt ten minutes later to draw level again. The captain’s attempt initially struck the wall, but Anthony Lurling (who started on the left flank) made full use of the rebound. Feyenoord continued to have difficulties with scoring. Only Paul Bosvelt found the net again before the break, heading in an Emerton corner. The second half was more successful. With Zoetebier, Van Haaren, Sprockel, Pinas and Dos Santos replacing Lodewijks, Rzasa, Van Wonderen, Buffel and Emerton, the Rotterdam side extended their lead to 1-5 after 10 minutes, with Ono, Pinas, Kalou and Bosvelt finding the net. Kalou also hit the bar from a penalty. After Lurling had left the field for Leonordo, the score was extended just before time. Bosvelt made it 1-6 with his third of the evening, with Ono following his example with a well-placed shot in the corner for the final score of 1-7. Spijkenisse-Feyenoord 1-7 (1-2) Scoring: 30' 1-1 Lurling 41' 1-2 Bosvelt 63' 1-3 Ono 65' 1-4 Pinas 73' 1-5 Bosvelt 86' 1-6 Bosvelt 88' 1-7 Ono Team: Lodewijks (46' Zoetebier); Gyan, Van Wonderen (46' Sprockel), Loovens, Rzasa (46' Van Haaren); Emerton (60 Dos Santos), Bosvelt, Ono, Lurling (75' Leonardo); Buffel (60' Pinas), Kalou

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