Bert van Marwijk admitted after Wednesday’s runout against Hamburg SV that the biggest plus was the fact that no new injuries were picked up. 'Everyone came through okay, that’s the most important thing for me. I was unimpressed with the first half, but I was reasonably satisfied with our play after the break. The team was able to show what it can do in patches anyway.’

Van Marwijk was especially pleased with the performance of Anthony Lurling. 'You can see how clever he is on the pitch. Anthony is a lad who’ll give us something extra, I’m convinced of that. You saw that today already, in a team lacking quite a few first choice players.’ Thomas Buffel, the young Belgian who came on in the second half to create the best chance of the game, was also reason for cheer. 'Thomas came on and did well. He still has a tendency to want to do too much though. He has to learn to use his energy a little better. But tonight again he showed that he has potential,’ said the coach, who also gave Ferry de Haan and goalie Carlo L'Ami a pat on the back. On the left, Brian Pinas was less impressive in the eyes of the trainer. 'He has to understand what is expected of him in that position,’ said Van Marwijk, while underscoring the fact that it’s still early days. ‘Brian played his fist big game for Feyenoord. Nerves are a factor.’ The best news of the day came from the treatment room. 'I was happily surprised to see how fit Ono was when he joined the group. Paauwe, Van Persie and Van Haaren are also making good progress. I’m even getting promising reports from Holland about Van Hooijdonk’s progress. Now that Leonardo is also set to join the squad on Saturday, I would hope to have an almost complete group to start working with on Monday.’ Bonaventure Kalou looks set to join the squad very soon. 'Bona is physically fit and has the required condition. There’s a good chance he’ll play a few minutes tomorrow,’ said Van Marwijk last night.
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