IGLS – The rumour mill was at full tilt last season with regards Brett Emerton. Yet the mill has all but stopped turning now, though Leeds United is still thought to be interested. ‘As long as I’m here I’ll be concentrating 100% on Feyenoord. I’m still enjoying life in Rotterdam,’ says Brett himself. ‘No doubt the saga will drag on until the transfer deadline at the start of August.’

Brett admits to being somewhat confused about the lack of developments, but is certainly not disappointed to be still part of the Feyenoord setup. ‘When I went back to Australia after the UEFA Cup final I thought I might have played my last game for Feyenoord. There were so many rumours the whole year about interest for me from England that it seemed it would take something strange for it not to happen. So I went on holiday without knowing were I would be going, which makes you a bit unsure. It would have been nicer if I’d known mid-May whether I would be at Feyenoord or elsewhere after the summer. Basically I’ve been in the dark for the past twelve months. ‘That said, I did have a wonderful holiday. Of course, I went to Australia and I also enjoyed a great trip through the United States with my fiancé (I asked my girlfriend Sarah to marry me last Christmas). We went to Disneyland, LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco. The States is a fantastic country and it is a bit similar to Australia. It might be a nice place to play some soccer towards the end of my career. ‘For the time being though I’m concentrating on the here and now and that’s in Rotterdam, unless something happens on the transfer market in the next fortnight. I’m trying not to think about it too much, but I do feel it affected my game last season, with all the speculation. It’s something you have to learn to live with, and I think I can now. ‘As long as I’m here I’ll be concentrating 100% on Feyenoord, that’s not a problem at all, because I’m still enjoying life in Rotterdam. We have a good and on average young team and now as the players are maturing we can do some great things. Anthony Lurling is a good buy too, so I think all told we’ve become stronger. After the UEFA Cup this season we have to go all out for the title. That would be a dream! Brett does have one burning wish however. ‘If that dream comes true and I’m still part of the championship winning team then I hope I’ll have played in midfield a bit more often. The trainer knows that’s my ambition too. Hopefully I’ll realise it.’
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