Pierre van Hooijdonk will visit Dijzigt Hospital Wednesday for a bone scan on the advice of club doctor Robbart van Linschoten. The Feyenoord striker left his club’s training camp in Austria Tuesday to fly back to Holland. The scan is necessary to find out just why the Dutch international is not currently able to kick a ball without experiencing shooting pains deep in his groin.

'Pierre has only been able to do light training these last three days in Austria. He has only taken part in the workouts. That didn’t cause him any pain, but as soon as he got round to kicking a ball it all went wrong,’ said Manager Jan D. Swart. 'Monday morning we gave it one last training session, but this afternoon we made a decision. There was no improvement and so it’s no use staying in Austria. In the hospital it will now be determined whether there is any inflammation, which was not visible on the earlier MRI scan. If that turns out to be the case – and we think it will – then the doctor is confident that swift and effective treatment can be started.’ Pierre has been in pain for months, after originally feeling the injury at the back end of last season. Van Hooijdonk expected the problem to clear up during seven-week close season, but two weeks prior to the club’s first training session leading into the new campaign he was forced to consult Feyenoord’s surgeon due to continuing discomfort.

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