The talented Australian Brett Holman signed a five-year contract in De Kuip on Friday morning. The forward from Parramatta Power passed a medical earlier in the week, so that there is now nothing to stop his arrival on the Dutch football scene. Holman, recommended to Feyenoord by Dave Mitchell will be lent to Excelsior for the coming season.

'I was quite nervous', the recently turned 18-year-old Brett Holman confessed in the presence of his agent Allan McGrouther, Rob Baan and lawyer Joris van Benthem after signing the five-year commitment. 'First the trial period and then the medical test - you never known how these things go. But thank goodness everything went smoothly.' Brett Holman joined Feyenoord on the instigation of David Mitchell, just like his illustrious predecessor Brett Emerton. 'Emerton's success was of course one of the main reasons to come to Feyenoord. But Steve Laybutt, slightly less successful here, also strongly recommended Rotterdam for its good reception. I had noticed that myself at the youth tournament, where all the players took great care of me. It's now up to me to succeed here, first at Excelsior and then hopefully at Feyenoord as soon as possible.' BERGKAMP STYLE Although he may have gathered something of a following in Australia, the striker from Sydney is an unknown commodity in the Netherlands. With a smile: 'I enjoy scoring, which is how I have managed to build up my career. Apart from that, I try to play like Bergkamp: a player who creates chances, but can also score himself. But I will always be Australian, possibly making me a little 'tougher'. And of course I have a long way to go yet.' The coming period will be one of getting used to the new situation for Brett Holman. To date, he was never away from home for longer than two months, and that was with the Australian youth selection. 'Yes, it will be a challenge to live independently here, in a strange country so very far from home. But I am going to invest best efforts to learn Dutch as soon as I can - essential as far as I am concerned. And then we'll see what kind of progress I can make on the pitch'.
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