Come along to the Kuip this weekend and you just might see some of the stars of the future in action at the sixth Feyenoord International Youth Tournament for players under 19 years of age. All games will be played on the main field at the Kuip, the first kicking off Friday 17 May with the final two days later. Real Madrid will be looking to retain the trophy they won in 2001. Admittance is free.

América Belo Horizonte, Blackburn Rovers, Club Brugge, PSV, Supersport United, Vitesse and Feyenoord will all go into the tournament with high hopes of relieving the Spaniards of the trophy. The Feyenoord International Youth Tournament sees the return of top international football to the Kuip just nine days after the UEFA Cup final. The event has built up quite a reputation for showcasing the cream of tomorrow’s genius and the general high quality of the play. Just some of the players who have made their name in the professional game after playing in the tournament include Feyenoorders Robin van Persie, Civard Sprockel, Glenn Loovens and Gill Swerts, currently on loan to Excelsior. Real Madrid defender Pavon also played in a previous edition of the tournament. He’s since appeared in his side’s Champions League campaign. Others include Vitesse talents Nicky Hofs, Emile Mbamba and Jhon van Beukering, not forgetting Danish World Cup squad member Kasper Bøgelund. Poule A Feyenoord Vitesse América Belo Horizonte Club Brugge Poule B Real Madrid PSV Blackburn Rovers Supersport United Friday May 17 2002 Feyenoord - América Belo Horizonte (0-1) 11.00 Supersport United – Blackburn Rovers (2-2) 12.30 Vitesse – Club Brugge (2-0) 14.00 Real Madrid – PSV (0-1) 15.30 Vitesse – América Belo Horizonte (2-3) 17.00 Feyenoord – Club Brugge (3-1) 18.30 Blackburn Rovers – PSV (0-0) 20.00 Supersport United- Real Madrid (0-1) Saturday May 18 2002 10.00 Real Madrid – Blackburn Rovers (1-1) 11.30 PSV- Supersport United (1-0) 13.00 Feyenoord - Vitesse (1-1) 14.30 América Belo Horizonte – Club Brugge (1-1) END POULE A 1. 2w - 1g - 0v: 7pnt (5-3) : América Belo Horizonte 2. 1w - 1g - 1v: 4pnt (5-4) : Vitesse ------------------------------- 3. 1w - 1g - 1v: 4pnt (4-3) : Feyenoord 4. 0w - 1g - 2v: 0pnt (2-6) : Club Brugge END POULE B 1. 2w - 1g - 0v: 7pnt (2-0) : PSV 2. 1w - 1g - 1v: 4pnt (2-2) : Real Madrid ------------------------------- 3. 0w - 3g - 0v: 3pnt (3-3) : Blackburn Rovers 4. 0w - 1g - 2v: 1pnt (2-4) : Supersport United 17.00 America Belo Horizonte – Real Madrid (0-0 America wins by pen.) 18.30 Vitesse – PSV (1-2) Sunday May 19 2002 10.00 Club Brugge – Supersport Utd. (5-1) 11.30 Feyenoord – Blackburn Rovers (1-1 Blackburn Rovers wins by pen.) 13.00-13.30 Schoolchamps 14.00 3e/4e: Real Madrid – Vitesse (0-3) 15.30 final: America Belo Horizonte – PSV (0-0 America wins bij pen.)

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