MILAN - Bonaventure Kalou was without a doubt the best player on the pitch in Milan. The Ivory Coast player was almost faultless in possession and scared defenders Gresko and Simic on numerous occasions. Bert van Marwijk: 'Kalou was superb! It's therefore especially irritating that the forward was forced to drop out with a hamstring injury. 'It happened as I took the shot', Kalou, who is scheduled for examination in the hospital on Friday, said. 'Hopefully it's not too serious'.

'Questo é un giocatore bravissimo' - 'that's an excellent player!' - the collection of Italian journalists grumbled, as Kalou passed the defences on the umpteenth occasion. The animated Kalou can be proud of his performance , having shown off his world class to the whole of San Siro. Kalou was modest in his comments afterwards nevertheless. 'It went okay, but I think the whole team had an excellent game'. Kalou also commented that the whole atmosphere at San Siro had provided inspiration. 'When you're playing a team with the qualities of Inter, you have to pull out all the stops. And that's exactly what the team did, as you can see from the result. And there was the setting as well, of course. Hopefully we can pull it off again in Rotterdam. I'll be very disappointed if I can't be there. A scan in the hospital on Friday will tell me more'. Van Marwijk: 'It's extremely annoying that Kalou dropped out. This is now my greatest concern. If we lose him, it would really tarnish the victory, like Ono's and Rzasa's suspensions.
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