MILAN- A day before the first leg of the semifinal Bert van Marwijk’s press conference made one thing clear. Feyenoord respect the opposition, but are obviously up for the game. ‘I’m not going to worry about names; I’ll concentrate on Feyenoord. I know that Cupèr has built a very well organised team, just as he did at Valencia. I’ve been following Cupèr for some time and I’m captivated by his methods,’ said the Feyenoord trainer, before joking ‘and he’s grey also.’

What Van Marwijk will know about Cupèr is that his teams always go for the win. The idea that Inter are somehow not bothered about the UEFA Cup was deservedly cold-shouldered by the Rotterdam boss. ‘We’ve caught those hints, but the question is how things really are. I don’t attach much value to them, because I cannot imagine it. If you get this far you want to win. We’ve seen Inter play twice, we’ve seen a video and the difference between Inter and other Italian sides is that Inter has a real team. They always play in the same way, so it doesn’t matter who plays.’ Conversely, Internazionale don’t need to speculate on Feyenoord’s tactics. The time to adapt has gone, says the trainer. ‘Anyone who knows me, knows I always play the same way. Within that you may vary things. Okay, I changed things around twice this season: away in Moscow and in Prague. The team is now far enough along to not have to do that anymore. We’ll rely on our own strengths. The concentration of the players will be crucial. That is only normal, but even more so now because Inter will not put us under pressure from the start; they will give us the freedom to play. That’s what you always hope for, but when it happens you have to handle it correctly. That means playing well when we have the ball.We won’t be playing for the nil-nil, but we will look to score.’ The Feyenoord starting eleven almost picks itself. Only Patrick Paauwe remains doubtful. Van Marwijk: ‘Paauwe is training on his own. I’ll wait till the last moment to decide. In any case, Loovens and Van Wonderen are back to full fitness.’ The signals from Paauwe were none too positive however. Half an hour into the training the defender was forced to hobble off the field. PROBABLE TEAM Zoetebier; Emerton, Van Wonderen, Loovens (Paauwe), Rzasa; Kalou, Bosvelt, Ono, Van Persie; Tomasson, Van Hooijdonk
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