Back in the fold and scoring, Leonardo de Vitor Santiago seems to be showing what he can do on the field more and more often. The team is flying and the youngster has made some valuable contributions recently with goals at Ajax and in the weekend demolition of Sparta. Bang on time too, because the Brazilian is desperate to earn a place in the lineup to meet Inter and one of his heroes at the start of next month.

‘I’m obviously looking forward to the games with Inter enormously. Those kinds of sides, that’s what you dream of. I really think it’s fantastic to play against them and as a Brazilian I obviously hope Ronaldo plays. He is one of the best Brazilian footballers of all time, although he’s not as great as Romario, my idol together with Edmundo. Ronaldo has been out for a long while, but happily he has taken the time to get back to full fitness. ‘For football’s sake, hopefully Ronaldo will once again be as good as he once was, but I obviously hope that he’s lacking some rhythm against us. Because it’ll be difficult enough to beat Inter without Ronaldo. Inter is the toughest opponent we could have got. After a couple of months on the sidelines, Leonardo seems to picking up his form on the pitch. ‘The breakthrough really came against Ajax. I was fairly disappointed I didn’t play from the start in such a big game, but eventually the trainer put me on. I was happy, because I scored in the Arena last year. When I scored again this time I was beside myself with joy. I ran to the trainer to thank him for the confidence he put in me. That has been very important to me. ‘Things are going well for Feyenoord right now. Everyone wants to win the championship. You can only do that if you work together. We are now going into the last six weeks of the season and then everything will be resolved. Whether we win the championship will de decided on 14 April, PSV-Feyenoord, I think. If we win there we’ll do it. But it’s going to be very difficult, because it’s the last chance for PSV to make something of their season and get to the Champions League, while we’ll have just played Inter.
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