After a couple of months restricted to training and reserve games, Mauricio Aros eventually made his Feyenoord bow in the Kuip Sunday in the 4-1 win over AZ. The South American was impressive on the left, despite a couple of minor errors. “There’s always room for improvement,” Mauricio feels himself, “but for me the most important thing is that I’ve finally been able to make my debut. And we won and that’s what matters.”

The Chilean international has too much experience to get really nervous before a game. But he did admit to being a little more excited than usual ahead of his first appearance in the Kuip. “Healthy enthusiasm before a match, and yet a desire too to show my best side to the supporters. I haven’t played for a couple of months of course so you do get a little nervous. But I soon felt at home and it went great on the left – certainly in the first half.” “The combination play with Shinji and Robin went well,” in Bert van Marwijk’s opinion. “You see that Mauricio is intelligent and experienced and simply a good footballer. He brings composure. And he can defend man on man too. He does have some difficulty with defending a zone however.” Aros: “In the second half we lacked concentration. Logical when you’re 3-0 ahead. It’s not right, but well… For example, I made a mistake: the ball across the centre that landed at the feet of an AZ player. I was a bit dazed; normally I never do that. Thankfully we were able to patch it up.” Although he played well, Aros is still unsure whether he will retain his place for the PSV game. “That’s the trainer’s decision. If he places his confidence in me again then he can count on me. If he opts for someone else then I’ll just show what I can do on the training pitch again.”
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