When Pierre van Hooijdonk signed in the close season the Feyenoord Legion felt he was just the guy to grab thirty goals and help their beloved club to the title. He certainly hasn’t disappointed in the goal department, with 21 in 33 appearances, though he’s first to admit to a recent dip in form. “I know I haven’t played fantastic lately for whatever reason. And I’ve been immensely irritated and frustrated that I wasn’t as valuable to the team as I could be.”

Feyenoord’s number 9 does see an tailor-made opportunity for the Rotterdammers to get the bandwagon rolling however. “In the league we now have a sequence of opponents we have to take all the points from, so we can turn up the heat on Ajax and PSV. They will be facing more difficult opponents. For us it is now really essential we get the win week in, week out. If we keep that up until the league game with PSV at the end of March, then I’d like to see where we are at that time. “Obviously the goals against Rangers turned things around for me to a degree, although I was only really satisfied with the way I played in Glasgow. But of course, there’s nothing better than proving yourself when all eyes are on you. In Scotland especially I was persona non grata, public enemy number one, and they tried to stick a label on me. So it is enormously satisfying when you get two goals and an assist. And hopefully qualification for the quarterfinal will give the team a push in the right direction in terms of the football we play in the Eredivisie. “Personally I still hope a little bit that I’ll be reselected for Oranje. I think I showed that I can do it at the very highest level in the games against Rangers. National coach Advocaat was also involved in those games, so I hope I’ve proven myself to him. It’ll be a pity if I haven’t, but I’m not about to let it get me down. My priority continues to be winning trophies with Feyenoord.”
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