“How come can they do it against Rangers, but not against FC Twente?” was the question so many fans were asking themselves and each other after a rollercoaster week for Feyenoord. Kees van Wonderen feels the problem is not hard to find, but difficult to solve. “Against Twente we had to take the initiative and we had no answer to their wall of defenders. It’s got everything to do with quality.”

“We are now in a significant phase of the championship and by losing to Vitesse and Twente we have thrown our advantage over Ajax and PSV away. The defeat against Twente was even more difficult to stomach for me because we were unable to retain the good feeling from Thursday when we got a really good result against Rangers. The question that keeps coming up is: How come can they do it against Rangers, but not against FC Twente? The answer is not as complicated as everyone thinks. Away from home at Glasgow Rangers the Scots were forced to make the pace and we were able to make use of the space that was created. Against Twente we had to take the initiative, Twente played a waiting game, sat right back and played on the counter. “To top it all, they even took the lead from one of those counters. As a consequence they became even more defensive and even got the 0-2. We had to struggle against a wall of Twente players and simply had no answer, and that’s also a quality issue. We’ve got too little quality to force our way through. That’s why the noises you hear, that we haven’t fought hard enough and so on, are so wide of the mark. It might look like that from the stand, but it has nothing to do with it. “I’d rather finish on a positive note, the away game at Rangers. I really enjoyed it. The game, the way we played and, most of all, the atmosphere. I’m glad I had the opportunity to play at Ibrox.”
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