Chilean left back Mauricio Aros has been part of the first team squad at Feyenoord for a couple of weeks now, and though he has yet to make an official appearance in a red and white shirt, he is settling in well in Rotterdam. “I though things would be a lot different in Holland than in Chile, but it isn’t. The adjustment to life here has gone much easier than I thought it would,” Mauricio told

“Rotterdam is a very beautiful city and I’ve really noticed that the Dutch people are very nice. There are many people who actually speak Spanish. What’s more, there are lots of little restaurants and that’s something I love. “My wife is also enjoying it. It is the first time that she has been out of Chile, so she was a little apprehensive to start with. Now that we have our own flat and she is getting more used to the surroundings she’s having a great time here. She now does her own shopping so that side is going well. “What I’ve seen of Dutch football up to now is encouraging. The teams are all of high quality, and certainly there are a couple of top players at Feyenoord. And not just in terms of football, but also the way they have welcomed me into the group. I heard from them that the last two games had been disappointing, but I didn’t really understand. It’s obviously ideal if you can put on a show every game, but in South America only one thing counts and that’s winning. I’d rather play badly and win than the other way round. And against Groningen and Fortuna we took six points, so we have to be satisfied. “The only thing that’s missing is the football. I really feel like showing the fans what I can do. The trainer has already spoken to me so I know what he expects of me. Getting forward and putting pressure on defenders… just my style. But I have to be patient. Tomasz is playing well at the moment, so I’ll just have to wait for the opportunity to win a place in the team.”
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