Glasgow Rangers tie with Feyenoord in the fourth round of the UEFA Cup will have extra special significance for one player. Gers defender Bert Konterman, who wore Feyenoord’s colours between 1998 and 2001, did a merry dance when he heard the draw. ”It’s going to be a stirring confrontation with a fantastic atmosphere in both games,” the 31-year-old Dutchman told Feyenoord.com.

“I was injured on the day of the draw. I was convalescing when I got a series of text messages with the news that we had drawn Feyenoord and asking whether I could organise a few tickets. It was a fantastic feeling.” The defender has never made a secret of the fact that Feyenoord is his favourite club in Holland. His imminent return to the Kuip gives him a real kick. “You obviously hope you’ll get an attractive opponent and preferably your old club. I had some wonderful years at Feyenoord and more than anything I will never forget the fans. They often gave me goose pimples, and as the emotion of the Rangers supporters is comparable with those of the Feyenoord fans we can look forward to some great scenes from the stands.” Konterman has little to say about the game itself at the moment. “For us the home game will be decisive. If we don’t concede anything and manage to score ourselves then it’ll look good for us. Feyenoord are growing all the time however and they are getting stronger and stronger as a team. Everyone knows Pierre van Hooijdonk here. During his spell at Celtic he made quite an impression. Otherwise, they are asking me to supply a lot of information because I’m still in contact with a number of Feyenoord players. It’ll be an exciting encounter, if nothing else.”
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