His form may have dipped these past few weeks, but Bert van Marwijk still wouldn’t like to lose Shinji Ono before the season’s end. Rumours are that Ono is expected home in March to get geared up for the World Cup finals, but Shinji himself is adamant. “For me Feyenoord is absolutely priority number one. I want to win the title with Feyenoord first, before I start thinking about the World Cup.”

"Things are not going as I’d like since the winter break. In any case, I wasn’t into the game against Fortuna last Wednesday. One way or another I was feeling a little down and I was lacking confidence. I noticed the ball wasn’t doing what I wanted it to and, because of that, things gradually got worse. That made me hide a bit. “There’s a fairly simple way to get out of this situation. I’m working hard in training and I try to take as many risks as possible in my game. I’ll try things out for as long as it takes to turn the corner and I’m able to use them during matches. And then it’ll all fall into place. “The team hasn’t played fantastic these last few weeks. We’ve only turned it on in patches and that’s not good enough. But we are picking up the points and that’s the most important thing, the supporters shouldn’t forget that at this stage. The game against Fortuna is the clearest example of what I mean. As long as we keep that up we’ll continue to be a big title candidate. “The title, that’s a real dream of mine. I want to be there if we take it, so it is important to me to go all the way to the end of the season. That’s why I don’t understand the story that I have to leave for Japan as early as mid-March to start preparations for the world cup. Obviously we are the hosts and we have to do everything to ensure we are up for it. I’m ready to give my all. But for me Feyenoord is absolutely priority number one.”
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