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Probably the two most attractive teams in Holland clash in the quarterfinal of the Amstel Cup Wednesday night at Eindhoven’s Philips Stadium. So, as well as offering the winner a place in the semis, the game may also give some indication of how the sides compare as the long hard slog to the end of the season gets underway. Neither outfit will underestimate the psychological benefits of a victory. Van Marwijk: “We are playing to win.”

“We are battling on three fronts and if I have anything to do with it we will continue to do so for as long as possible. We are playing to win in Eindhoven,” clarified an emphatic Bert van Marwijk, the day before the game. Clearly, motivation will not be a problem for the Rotterdammers. The job will have to be done without Ferry de Haan of course, but Van Marwijk is already clear in his own mind how his team will look. In all likelihood Glenn Loovens will start. The home-grown youngster has earned his trainer’s confidence in the last month or so. “'Glenn has made huge progress lately. He was thrown in and he stood up to the challenge. Against Helsingborg and against Utrecht too. When you see how Glenn approaches those games, it is all very positive.” Another reason to opt for Loovens against PSV is the opportunity it gives Van Marwijk to retain the shape of his side. “If you start chopping and changing you also lose something somewhere. I’d rather not do that. Its precisely that stability I want the team to have. What’s more, you have to give the young lads a chance. We all want the youngsters to break though. In this case it’s a combination of necessity and luxury.” PROBABLE TEAMS PSV Lodewijks (Waterreus); Bögelund, Faber, Ooijer, Bouma; Rommedahl, Van Bommel, Vogel, Gakhokidze; Vennegoor of Hesselink, Kezman (Bruggink) FEYENOORD Zoetebier; Emerton, Loovens, Paauwe, Rzasa; Elmander, Bosvelt, Van Wonderen, Ono; Tomasson, Van Hooijdonk.
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