Ferry de Haan pulled a groin muscle in Sunday’s draw at FC Utrecht and is expected to be unavailable for the next month. The injury is not as bad as first feared, when it was thought that the muscle was completely torn, which would have laid up the defender for six weeks. “It’s not too bad,” De Haan confirmed Monday, “but I still hate it. I’m now going to miss some big games.”

Ferry has been hampered by injuries for months and he really thought he had shaken off long-standing groin trouble, but at FC Utrecht it started to play up again and he had to leave the field after 55 minutes. “I wanted to open things up down the left, when I suddenly felt it. It’s lousy, because I felt it was going so well. Till then it hadn’t given me any trouble. I knew there was something wrong immediately.” De Haan consulted doctor Heyboer Monday morning and was told that he had torn a muscle in his groin. “He said he had expected a bigger tear, so that it actually wasn’t that bad,” said De Haan. “A tear like that needs three weeks. But before I start playing I want to be really sure it’s behind me. My groin has to heal completely. You cannot see this injury separate from the last one. I am really sick, because I’ll miss a couple of big games.”

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