Ferry de Haan and Paul Bosvelt both made encouraging come backs to the Feyenoord first team in the 7-1 friendly win against amateur outfit RVVH Thursday. The two played the full ninety minutes, which their side wrapped up with goals by Korneev (2x), Rzasa, Tomasson (2x), Smolarek and Ono. The game may have been the last in a Feyenoord shirt for Chilean trialist Aros. The left back will train Friday with the squad before heading back home at the weekend.

Bert van Marwijk remained tight-lipped about the chances of Aros being offered a contract in the Kuip. “Let me say first that I think Aros is a very good footballer. He is insightful and almost always makes the right decisions. It’s just difficult to judge him purely on his defensive qualities, because he has simply had too little opposition up until now. He did play against Kaiserslautern and Helsingborg during the training camp on the Canary Islands, but he wasn’t really tested in either of those games. Against the Germans he played opposite Mario Basler, who showed very little attacking initiative. And the Swedes habitually pulled right back into their own half. The same goes for today’s game. That makes it difficult to assess how the lad will react under pressure,” Van Marwijk explained. “I would like to consult the technical staff first. There might be more clarity tomorrow afternoon.” The warm-up in Ridderkerk also marked the return of De Haan and Bosvelt. “I’m not totally free of injury at the moment, but if I continue to improve I should be available for the first league game against FC Utrecht,” said Ferry de Haan after a pleasing run out. Paul Bosvelt was satisfied with his inclusion. “I’m happy to have played a game again,” the club captain admitted. “Actually, I wanted to play on Gran Canaria, but the doctor advised me to take some rest. I was ready today though. I’m obviously missing rhythm, but I’m happy to have played the ninety minutes without any trouble.” Bosvelt expects to be back to his best for the first competitive match of 2002 at FC Utrecht in just over a week. RVVH-Feyenoord 1-7 (0-2) Scoreverloop: 0-1 Korneev 0-2 Rzasa 0-3 Smolarek 0-4 Korneev 0-5 Tomasson 1-5 Dijkstra 1-6 Tomasson 1-7 Ono
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