MASPALOMAS - Johan Elmander has followed the exploits of Helsingborg with great respect during the past few year’s as it has grown from a provincial club to a Champions League participant. “They have a well-balanced side and are dangerous on the counter,” Elmander says. “This evening will be a very good test for us. And although the cup we can win weighs 100 kilos and is very ugly, it would be nice to win a prize.”

Emander finds himself in the Canary Islands after a few weeks in Sweden. The break was great, but too short of course. I spent it with my parents in Alingsås and I got wonderfully spoiled. So I found it difficult to come back to Holland. Not because I don’t like it here. There’s nothing better than a vacation. “I quite like it here at the training camp. Despite the rain it’s a lot warmer than it is in Holland. It’s kind of relaxed. Our first game against Kaiserslautern wasn’t fantastic but the result was. It would be nice to win the final against Helsingborg IF tonight as well. “I do feel good now. Because I played a bunch of games last year, I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt and I know better how to make real use of my specific qualities. What’s more, it’s nice to have the trainer’s confidence. My goal for the next six months is to play as much as possible. I am still balancing between the first team and the bench and I know I have to give everything every training session and every game to hold on to my starting place. The healthy competition keeps you on edge.”

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