Denmark striker Jon Dahl Tomasson has hit back at Feyenoord's claims he is refusing to sign a new contract and insists he is ready to pledge his future to the Rotterdam club. 'I've got the reputation of someone who only cares about money, but I'm not like that,' he declares on his own Dutch homepage.

'Baan said that the door isn't completely closed. I'm holding on to that,' he explained. 'And, let me once again make clear that there is nothing I would rather do than sign an extension to my contract. I really enjoy life in Rotterdam and I'm working with a coach who has faith in me. These things are important to me more than a big pile of money. When people say that I'm just waiting around for another club then they don't know me.' The Dane has been a major hit at the De Kuip since arriving from Newcastle United. He has scored 38 goals in the last three seasons, and he's already up to 11 for the current campaign. 'I don't feel the need to leave for England or Italy at this point,' Tomasson told the Feyenorrd website. 'That is still possible later on, because I'm only 25. I'm not in a hurry. It has been said that I've made unreasonable demands and refused to accept an offer,' the striker explained. 'However, the only offer I have ever received was below last summer's offer. The club asked me to talk a few weeks before the winter-break and I turned them down because we had a game every three days and I needed all my energy and concentration for that. We then suggested we talked in the winter-break and we have never received an answer.'
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