Feyenoord is delighted to announce a new licensing and manufacturing contract with Japan Sports Vision (JSV) and SJC Inc. holding company of e-players Inc. for the distribution of Feyenoord merchandise in Japan.

Japan Sport Vision has acquired the exclusive licence for the sale of official Feyenoord replica shirts on the Japanese market. The first 20,000 shirts were shipped to Japan this weekend and are expected to hit the stores before the end of the year. The shirts carry the name Ono and the number 14, the player’s squad number at Feyenoord. The launch is based on close cooperation between Feyenoord and Shinji Enterprise, the company that represents Shinji Ono’s commercial interests. Alongside replica shirts, JSV has exclusive rights to an additional 18 Feyenoord articles, including scarves, posters, badges, football bags, watches, stickers and toys. JSV is a market leader in Japan in the field of sport-related articles. The company has 26 stores of its own across the whole of the country, as well as agreements with 1700 chains for the sale of Feyenoord products. Feyenoord is committed to setting up shop-in-shop stores across Japan, with a Feyenoord Fan Shop to open in the centre of Tokyo after the 2002 World Cup. JSV will sell Feyenoord merchandise in Campione and World Sport Plaza stores, and other retail outlets. Feyenoord is the latest addition to JSV’s list of partners that includes Manchester United, Bayern Munich and the Italian football association. The agreement with SJC Inc. Holding company of e-players covers the licence for 18 exclusive Feyenoord products, to be distributed via major convenience stores, sport outlets, TV Shops and mail order sales in a specially designed Feyenoord display in these stores, which welcome more than 20 million visitors every day. Armbands, bandanas, school articles, cushions, gloves, umbrellas and “misanga” are just some of the Feyenoord products for which SJC Inc/ holding company of e-players Inc. holds exclusive rights. JSV and SJC Inc. holding company of e-players will also market four products on a non-exclusive basis in Japan. They are caps, t-shirts, key chains and mobile phone straps. Besides the agreements with JSV and SJC Inc. holding company e-playrs Feyenoord has also signed contracts for the manufacture and distribution of two Feyenoord DVDs, set for release at the end of the season. Additionally, Feyenoord has sold the rights to its weekly TV magazine programme to Asatsu DK
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