Feyenoord president Jorien van den Herik and Heinz Schurtenberger, Premier1 Grand Prix CEO, have both put their signature underneath a 3-year contract. This ensures Feyenoord of participation in a series of car-races for the coming years which will be held in Europe and South America starting from 14 July 2002. The cars appearing at the start will represent some of the most prominent European football clubs.

Next to Feyenoord, Leeds United and Benfica have also signed an agreement and agreements with Valencia, Lyon, Bordeaux and Anderlecht are in the making. The cars participating will be recognizable by the club-colours of the participating football clubs. The Feyenoord racecar will be decorated in the familiar red and white colours. Feyenoord makes her use of words and logo available to the organizers and in return receives a financial compensation. With regard to the exact amount no announcements have been nor will be made in the future. Feyenoord President Jorien Van den Herik: ‘Through participation will Feyenoord be visible all year long and uniting the two most popular sports in the world in the Premier1 Grand Prix series is not only innovative, it will most surely be appreciated by the fans. The guaranteed television exposure all over the world will enable Feyenoord to work on her appearance and consumer awareness.’ Heinz Schurtenberger: ‘This is a fantastic moment for us. In the coming period more clubs will sign with Premier1. We are very proud that the most popular club in Holland supports our initiative. From the very beginning Feyenoord was positive and contributed to the development of the series. This support has been very important for us and we are delighted that our corporation is formalized via this contract.’ The Premier1 Race project is becoming more and more concrete. The circuits which will be driven have been decided, the FIA, the umbrella organization, has given the green light and the car frames have been ordered. Which Dutch driver will be driving the Feyenoord car is not clear yet. Feyenoord Marketing Manager Chris Woerts: ‘When it was made known that we were involved with Premier1, a number of well-known drivers got in contact with us to let us know that they were very interested in sitting behind the wheel. We will be drawing up an inventory of all the options over the coming period and will then take a decision.’ The series will start after the World championship football in Japan/Korea. The programme will be as follows (as yet): 14 July 2002 - Estoril (Portugal) 04 August 2002 - Eurspeedway Lausitz (Germany) 11 August 2002 - Dijon-Prenois (France) 25 August 2002 - Donington (England) 08 September 2002- Zandvoort (Holland) 29 September 2002- Brno (Czech Republic) 06 October 2002 - Misano Adriatico (Italy) 20 October 2002 - Valencia (Spain) 03 November 2002- Buenos Aires (Argentina) 10 November 2002- Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
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