Feyenoord City development gets green light

A new stadium for Feyenoord has come a step closer after Rotterdam council voted by a clear majority on Thursday in favour of municipal participation in the Feyenoord City development. As well as a new stadium for the club, Feyenoord City also incorporates other urban regeneration measures for Rotterdam South, including the redevelopment of De Kuip.

Perennial challengers
Feyenoord, Stadion Feijenoord NV and the municipal executive are very pleased that the council has approved the project. Feyenoord Chairman Gerard Hoetmer is delighted that the club can now pursue the development of Feyenoord City. ‘The new stadium will give us the possibility be perennial challengers at the top of the Dutch league. We are thrilled that the municipality wishes to work with us on the further development of Feyenoord City. We will make a success of it.’

Widely supported decision
‘We have worked towards a widely supported decision with the city council since November,’ says councillor Adriaan Visser (whose portfolio includes Finance and Sport). ‘You have to aim for that with a project with this impact and it’s fantastic that so many parties have got behind this plan. We can now get to work on the further preparations for Feyenoord City, because there is still a great deal to be done after this decision. But it is certainly a good start.’

Municipal investment
The municipality will invest 135 million euros in the project: 40 million euros in shares paying out a dividend and 60 million euros in the form of a land grant, from which the municipality will earn ground rent. The dividend and ground rent ensure that the investment has a limited impact on the municipal budget. The municipality is also making 35 million available for infrastructure development, which also covers projects that fall within the scope of the Rotterdam traffic plan and benefit the city far beyond the Feyenoord City development.

Work schedule
Construction of the new stadium will not begin before 2019 at the earliest. A lot of preparatory work still needs to be done, including the relocation of existing businesses and getting the site ready for building. The construction of the new stadium will be one of the first projects to get underway. Feyenoord are expected to play there for the first time in 2022-2023. The redevelopment of De Kuip will start immediately after that, with the rest of the area set for redevelopment over the decade following that.

More information about Feyenoord City is available in Dutch at www.feyenoord-city.nl

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