Multisportclub Feyenoord letter of intent signed

Feyenoord has taken a big step towards the formation of multisportclub Feyenoord. The chairmen of Forward Lease Rotterdam basketball club, HARO/Snelwiek handball club, Feijenoord hockey club and TPP Rotterdam indoor football club signed a letter of intent on Friday afternoon 11 May to set up the multisport club. This is due to come into force on 1 July 2018.

By signing this letter of intent, the clubs unite in multisportclub Feyenoord ‘in formation’. Feyenoord gives the four clubs a one-season licence to use the name and logo. Initially, they commit to the social policy that will be pursued under the Feyenoord name starting in the 2018-2019 season.

That means that Feyenoord will also include the other four sports in its social activities from 1 July 2018. The ultimate goal is for multisportclub Feyenoord to work in three other areas alongside social activities: engaging in elite sport, developing talent and promoting participation in grassroots sport in Rotterdam South.

General manager Jan de Jong is delighted that the first formal step has been taken in the formation of multisportclub Feyenoord: ‘This club is much more than simply a football club. The partnerships we have entered into today to transform Feyenoord into a multisport club, are proof of that. We have been active with our social programmes in Rotterdam South for many years and we see the impact and sway the Feyenoord logo has on young people. By rolling out that logo across several sports clubs, we make Feyenoord even more accessible for inhabitants of Rotterdam South. Not only in terms of watching sport, but also by taking part themselves.’

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