Urgent request: Do not come to Napoli stadium on Tuesday

Naples police and UEFA have emphatically asked Feyenoord to advise its fans who are in Naples not to go to the stadium on Tuesday evening.

Any Dutch fans who have a ticket for the Champions League Group F match will be barred from entering the stadium. Every visitor must show proof of identity at the stadium. Tickets held by Dutch fans will be confiscated and the ticket holder may be held and fined. That is because buying a ticket for the match when you hold Dutch nationality is deemed to be a breach of the law.

Feyenoord would once more like to stress that the club is very disappointed that the team’s fans will not be able to show their support in the stadium on Tuesday evening. During the consultation with SSC Napoli, the police and UEFA on Monday evening, Feyenoord again expressed its dissatisfaction with the situation. 

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