Feyenoord choose FFC as De Kuip redevelopment partner

The three-man committee charged with evaluating alternatives for Feyenoord’s future home has told Stichting Feyenoord to work hard over the next six months to finalise FFC’s plans for the redevelopment of De Kuip. The recommendation, which Stichting Feyenoord has accepted, is the result of an intensive four-month study comparing various proposals.

The investigating committee praised the Red de Kuip proposal when presenting their final recommendation on Thursday, but explained that their choice was based mainly on how FFC, a consortium of BAM, AM and Siemens, intends to run the stadium and the technical quality it can offer for a total cost of €200 million or so. Plans will also be developed with FFC for new training facilities budgeted at €16 million.
FFC’s plans involve the redevelopment of De Kuip into a state-of-the-art stadium with around 70,000 seats, some 90 business units, around 6,300 business seats with all modern facilities before, during and after matches and a host of possibilities for use on non-match days.
‘The redeveloped stadium gives Feyenoord the best possible chance to reach the top in the Netherlands within a few years,’ said Wim van Sluis on behalf of the investigating committee. ‘The biggest stadium in the Netherlands can also be an important stimulus for the further development of Rotterdam South’.
Chairman Dick van Well expressed his thanks and appreciation on behalf of Stichting Feyenoord to the investigating committee for its extensive efforts and to all parties that have shown great commitment to creating a bright future for Feyenoord by putting forward plans and ideas.
‘Hard work is needed over the next six months to finalise FFC’s plans and approach parties who can help us carry through what is a crucial project for Feyenoord and Rotterdam. It is my hope and expectation that we will soon be able to report that we – club, city and market parties – are ready to begin the redevelopment of our much-loved De Kuip.’

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