Gudde returns home with 'extremely mixed feelings'

Eric Gudde arrived back in Rotterdam from Rome on Friday afternoon with 'extremely mixed feelings'. There was a sense of pride, on the one hand, due to the good sporting performance of the squad he flew home with. On the other hand, Feyenoord's general director was disgusted by a group of hooligans who, unlike the genuine supporters, went to Rome 'apparently with completely different intentions than supporting the club'. And made a shameful exhibition of themselves in the centre of the historical city.

Gudde spoke in that regard of the 'totally reprehensible behaviour of a group of brainless people who Feyenoord distances itself from completely and who fill every normal thinking Dutch person with horror.'

Gudde feels that the misconduct ahead of the game against AS Roma contrasted sharply with the great result (1-1) that the squad earned at Stadio Olimpico in front of an away fans section filled with almost 6000 Feyenoord supporters. A section in which every one behaved exemplarily, creating an unprecedented atmosphere. 'The club can be proud of how they behaved in the stadium and supported the team’, says Gudde. 'Words naturally cannot express how depressing it is that people travel along with clubs with clearly very different intentions than supporting their team. However, this is not a problem that clubs can resolve. We are responsible for how people behave in the stadium. We worked extremely hard for weeks properly organising everything in the stadium and that went off without a hitch. That does not alter the fact that – because of what happened before the game and beyond Feyenoord's responsibility – I as a Dutch person and football lover left Italy today also with a great sense of shame.’     

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