Home match against VVV-Venlo abandoned

Feyenoord’s home match against VVV Venlo was abandoned after scarcely two minutes on Sunday evening. The fixture could not continue after a floodlight failure.

Referee Bas Nijhuis brought proceedings to a standstill when the lights went out but initially kept the players on the pitch in the expectation that a solution would be found and play could resume. As the lights were not back on again after a few minutes he brought the players off. Stadium technicians worked to find the cause of the failure, but with everyone in the dark abut this too, the match was ultimately abandoned.

Stadion Feijenoord manager Jan van Merwijk had this to say: ‘This is the worst nightmare of any stadium manager, but it is especially very unfortunate for all the people who came to De Kuip today. It is very disappointing that we have not been able to resolve the problem fast enough.’ Van Merwijk stressed that  it was a local problem within the stadium. ‘In any case, it has nothing to do with the external power supply, a maintenance backlog or main partner Qurrent.’

Feyenoord is not yet in a position to say anything about when the fixture can be held and whether the match will be replayed in full or resumed. As a result, there is no news at present about the validity of tickets for a rescheduled fixture and any refund policy that may applied. The club advises fans that all news will be announced through the official club channels.

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