‘I feel privileged’, says Kuyt

Dirk Kuyt enjoyed every last moment of Sunday’s testimonial. Surrounded by dozens of former teammates, the 37-year-old, who ended his career last season, pulled on his playing boots for one last time. And it proved to be a very rewarding experience.

‘It is very emotional for me,’ said Kuyt after the Dirk Kuyt Testimonial. ‘It is a unique day and I feel privileged. It was real special to see players I played with again, as well as coaches and the fans who came to this match in droves. It feels very special for me and it makes me hugely proud. It does not happen very often that a person is shown that much appreciation. It is an intense feeling.’

Asked what it feels like to be really done, Kuyt, said: ‘Great. I emptied the tanks in the match. You have to deal with so much on a day like this. I’m done both physically and mentally. It’s been great. I’m incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to do this. Despite having retired, it has been a demanding year for me. I’m now taking the next step in my life. I can close the book and look back with great pleasure on a fantastic career with all the wonderful people I was able to work with.’

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