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Dirk Kuyt opts to follow coaching career away from Feyenoord

Dirk Kuyt is to leave Feyenoord to continue his development as a coach after agreeing an early contract termination with the club.

Technical director Frank Arnesen would have liked to retain Kuyt’s services past the summer, but the former captain has told the club’s management that he prefers to take his coaching career in a new direction.

After ending his successful playing career, Kuyt spent two years as a coach at Feyenoord Academy and for the past 18 months he has been active in various parts of the Feyenoord organisation. He is happy with the experience he has acquired, which he sees as an investment in his future, but is now looking for new challenges.

‘Everyone knows what Feyenoord means to me and I have been able to gain a huge amount of experience at the club in recent years,’ says Kuyt. ‘I know that our paths will cross again sometime, but for now I feel it’s important for me to continue my development somewhere else. I’m following my gut there.’

Frank Arnesen respects Kuyt’s decision. ‘I have a very high opinion of Dirk as a person and as a coach. Dirk has decided to go his own way and he has every right to do that. We wish him every success with the next step in his career. And, who knows, though our paths are now diverging they may cross again one day.’