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Feyenoord partners with Modena F.C. 2018

Feyenoord have signed an affiliation agreement with Italian club Modena FC 2018. The Italian club, whose first team is active in the Serie C, is the first European partner club. The agreement will be focused on a training exchange aimed at Modena’s academy and its numerous affiliate clubs in Italy and abroad. Within this program there will be the possibility for technical internships as well as joint organizing of football development activities in Italy. Further activities may include scouting.

A further moment of technical growth and valorization of the affiliate project of Modena F.C. 2018 and a teamwork that we believe over time can bring technical and loyalty benefits’, says Giorgio Abeni, Project Manager of Modena F.C. 2018 about the agreement just concluded, which adds further value to the 80 current collaborations signed in Italy and abroad. Fabio Gozzi, Performance Manager of Modena F.C. 2018, adds: ‘We are very happy with the result and we are convinced that the relationship with an organized and important company such as Feyenoord Rotterdam can only bring ideas of sharing and growth through a constant comparison and monitoring of the project.

‘With Modena FC we welcome an ambitious partner in Italy that wants to commit to talent scouting and development’, says Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord. ‘Besides organizing joint football development activities in both Italy and The Netherlands, Modena will help us identify talent in the region.’