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Feyenoord travels to Lithuania and Canada

Feyenoord Coaches will travel to Lithuania and Canada for the annual Feyenoord Camps in these countries during the summer of 2022. It will be the 7th edition of Feyenoord Camps in Lithuania and the 9th edition of Feyenoord Camps in Canada. The aim of the Feyenoord Camps is to share the experience and expertise of the Feyenoord Academy with players and coaches from around the world in order to contribute to the development of the global game.

Feyenoord Camp Lithuania
The 7th edition of Feyenoord Camps in Lithuania will take place in Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius from 2nd till 6th of July. Three Feyenoord coaches will travel to Lithuania to provide around 60 Lithuanian children with professional training sessions according to the Feyenoord football vision, which is being used at the Feyenoord Academy. ‘The Feyenoord Camps in Lithuania has become a household name among the Lithuanian football community over the years’, said Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord. ‘Every year we work with motivated and talented players and local coaches in Lithuania. Thanks to this unique partnership, we can actively contribute to the development of football in Lithuania.’

Feyenoord Camp Canada
Feyenoord and Dutch Connections FC, known as a youth football development program in the Greater Toronto Area, will organize two weeks of Feyenoord Camps in July. The Feyenoord coaching staff will travel to Toronto to organize two camp weeks from 11th-15th and 18th-22nd of July. ‘Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, we were unable to organize Feyenoord Camps in Canada in 2020 and 2021’, starts Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord. ‘We are therefore especially pleased with our return to Canada in 2022 and look forward to creating a unique experience for the participating players together with the local coaches.’ Feyenoord has been organizing camps in Canada since 2015, more specifically in  Toronto (4x), Mississauga (2x) and Vancouver (2x).

Feyenoord Camps
During a Feyenoord camp, all participants will have the opportunity to develop their football technique using the Feyenoord Academy philosophy. Our International Development Coaches will work very intensively with the players. They are normally assisted by local coaches, provided by the local organizer of the camp. This is an excellent opportunity for local coaches to learn from the training method used by Feyenoord coaches. In this way Feyenoord hopes not only to contribute to the technical development of players, but also to the personal skills of the local coaches involved.

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