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First Feyenoord Football School in Jordan opens its doors

Feyenoord opened its first Feyenoord Football School in Jordan. On Friday, October 18 during an official opening ceremony was hosted in the headquarters of the school in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, which will also serve as a hub for the club's activities in the region. Feyenoord and Northwood Group signed a partnership agreement for the start of Feyenoord Football Schools in Jordan in July 2019. The opening of the Football School in Amman is only the first step, since the objective of the partnership is to open several Feyenoord Football Schools in the Kingdom of Jordan over the next five years.

On the occasion of the opening of the first Feyenoord Football School in Jordan staff, coaches, players and other interested individuals came together for an afternoon of football related activities in order to celebrate. Feyenoord was represented by Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations, and David Toxopeus, International Development Coach. Both staff members of Feyenoord International and the CEO of Northwood Group gave speeches, providing insight into the club's vision of how to develop young talent and the future of the Football School. ‘We exist to ensure humanity’s progress’, said Osaid Hamdan, CEO of Northwood Group. ‘Our  belief is to invest in the future generation to create civilized and developed communities. Football can play a major role in that.'

During the stay in Jordan a week of player clinics was organised by Feyenoord and two talents were identified who later in this season will visit the Feyenoord Academy for a week long internship.  

Our mission is to introduce the professional mentality in football to promising Jordanian  athletes in the shortest period possible. Osaid Hamdan, CEO of Northwood Group

Feyenoord’s International Development Coach David Toxopeus will be responsible for the general development of the Feyenoord Football School in Amman. Toxopeus will travel to Jordan at various times during the year to educate the local staff. Besides that, coaching methods used within Feyenoord’s own youth academy in Rotterdam will be shared. ‘This is my second visit to our brand new Feyenoord Football School in Amman’, said Toxopeus. ‘There are a lot of talented football players in Jordan, but a healthy training structure isn’t usual here. With the arrival of the Feyenoord Football School we aim to offer the talents from Jordan a place where they can develop under the right conditions.’

Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations at Feyenoord, also traveled to Jordan for the opening of the Feyenoord Football School. ‘We are very delighted that we can add the Feyenoord Football School in Amman to our current list of Football Schools across the world’, said Vader. In addition to Jordan, Feyenoord currently also has football schools in Egypt, Dubai and Poland. ‘We are looking forward to execute our program in Jordan, a country with a lot of raw talent. We as Feyenoord will do everything we can to add value by the way in which we develop young players’.

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