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Frank Arnesen will not return to Feyenoord

The club’s management and the technical director has decided by mutual agreement that Frank Arnesen will not return to Feyenoord. The parties have agreed to terminate with immediate effect their contract, which was approaching its end. Arnesen had taken a temporary step away from his role at the end of June. ‘I’m proud of what we have achieved together these past two and a half years and we are parting ways in a positive way,’ says Arnesen.

Frank Arnesen and the club’s management have spoken extensively about the future in recent days. The technical director admits that he would have preferred to serve out the final months of his contract. ‘But I do very well understand that they have to think further than the immediate future at Feyenoord. No one is bigger than the club.’

‘I’m also very grateful to Feyenoord. Over the past few months, during my illness, I have felt a huge amount of support from the club. Among the medical staff I would especially like to thank Joost, Stijn and Stefan, but I am also indebted to the people at Erasmus Medical Centre and Casper van Eijck for the fantastic way they have attended to me over the past few months. Actually, I am grateful to everyone in and around Feyenoord: the first-team players, Arne Slot and his staff, everyone at Feyenoord Academy, scouting of course, and the board of directors and management team. It was fantastic to be able to experience from so close by how everyone at the club is doing their utmost every day to make Feyenoord even better. And, lastly, I want to say to the Legioen: thanks for your indefatigable support for the players.’

General director Dennis te Kloese feels that the club does not need to accelerate the search for Arnesen’s successor: ‘That’s not a necessity, as the transfer window has closed and we can continue to divide the work up as we did in the period when Frank first took a step away. Furthermore, much of the football side of the business is in good shape. This is certainly also due to Frank’s efforts.’

‘I’m also glad that Frank has agreed to us contacting him in exceptional circumstances for advice or to get his opinion. And we will of course stay in touch in the future, come what may. We wish Frank every success in the future, on all fronts.’