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International Training Program: Feyenoord offering unique opportunity to talented youngsters

Starting with the preseason in 2019, Feyenoord will offer a residential training program for players from abroad. This international training program is facilitated by the Feyenoord Rotterdam international department and instruction is provided by Feyenoord Academy staff. Players who are interested in this intense and quality training will get a chance to improve their skills and showcase their talent in a front of our professional staff.

During their stay players will learn about the city of Rotterdam, the professional club Feyenoord Rotterdam, the Feyenoord Academy, and the culture of this wonderful city as well as the soccer culture of the Netherlands.

Expect to be busy, expect to get challenged, expect to receive demanding soccer sessions all in a structured soccer environment where your skills will improve and your ability will be put to test.


Arrival – JUL 27th, 2019 SATURDAY

End – AUG 16th/17th, 2019 (FRIDAY/SATURDAY)

If you are seeking this type of an international residential training program conducted by a professional club in a country where people live and breathe soccer, please register here.

Daily schedule such as training times, friendly matches, and other activities will be available about a month prior to the start of the program. For more information please contact us through the contact form here